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The TBC-MC3612A-S20 series 10/100/1000M adaptive fiber media converter through 10/100/1000Base-TX to 1000Base-FX photoelectric conversion between the traditional 10M ,100M Ethernet or 1000M Fast Ethernet through the Fast Ethernet fiber optic link extended to 120 km range, to meet the long-distance, high-speed , High-bandwidth fast Ethernet working group user needs, the product performance is stable and reliable, designed to meet the Ethernet standards, and anti-lightning protection measures, especially for telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom, safe city, radio and television, railway, military, financial securities, customs, civil aviation, maritime transport, electricity, water conservancy and oil fields and other broadband data network and require high reliability data transmission or the formation of IP data transmission network area, it is the best application equipment for broadband campus network,intelligent broadband district fiber to the floor , Fiber to the home and video surveillance .

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    •  Support full duplex or half duplex network communication, and with auto-negotiation capability;

    • Support the transmission of long data packets in VLAN and match the switch products that support IEEE802.1Q protocol;

    • Support LINK LOSS link remote pre-alarm function;Automatically adapt to 10Mbps and 100Mbps environment, easy to upgrade the network

    • RJ45 port support through or cross automatic recognition function (AUTO-MDIX);

    • REMOTE PAUSE function ensures the integrity of packet transmission

    • With broadcast storm protection, balance flow, isolation conflicts and detection errors and other functions;

    • Meet the electromagnetic interference standard FCC Part15 Class A and CE Mark safety regulations

    • High-quality laser device has good light characteristics, electrical characteristics and temperature stability;

    • Adopt international advanced technology scheme and high performance integrated chip, the circuit layout is scientific, the work is stable, the data transmission is steady, the anti-interference ability is strong, avoiding the circuit voltage, surge, inductive lightning strike, static electricity, hot swap damage equipment;

  • Standard Protocol

    IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3Z, IEEE 802.1X,

    Band Width

    RJ 45 Port


    Optical Port


    Operation Mode

    Full /Half duplex mode,with auto-negotiation capability




    Fiber connector


    LED Indicators

    1000M,100M, FX/ACT, TP/ACT , PWR,FDX. 

    UTP Cable

    Cat5 UTP within 100m

    Fiber Cable

    9/125,(single mode single fiber 20 -120km)、(wavelength 1310/1550nm)

    Transmission power:≥-12~≥-8dBm 

    Receiving sensitivity:≥-32~≥-36dBm

    Power Supply

    Dual power supply built-in power


    Power Consumption


    Working Environment

    Work Temperature


    Storage Temperature



    5%~90% non-condensing

    MTBF (Hours)







    FCC Part 15 , Class A, RoHS and CE Mark SGS

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