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The TBC-SF16V1FD-S20T/R series digital video optical transceiver has a full-featured all-digital video optical transmission equipment that can transmit 16-Channel high-quality (10Bit) uncompressed video information and 1-Channel control signal on one fiber at the same time, It uses all digital video compression transmission technology, high-quality video effects to meet the needs of users, plug and play design makes installation easy, without the need for on-site regulation, the optical modules and core circuits are imported components, High stability, all the optical and electrical interfaces are in line with international standards for different work environments. Optional audio, data, switch, Ethernet signal, E1 and telephone. 

This product is based on multi-channel video optical transceiver, through the miniaturization and optimization of the design of the technology crystallization. Products with excellent price / performance, can completely replace the traditional small-capacity PFM analog optical products, and more stable performance, superior technical indicators. On-site support plug and play, does not require any optical adjustments; field wiring convenience; with power, optical and data loop instructions; optional two structural forms :stand-alone desktop installation and modular rack-intensive installation . This series digital optical transceiver products are mainly used for long-distance optical fiber transmission monitoring system, such as security monitoring, highway, electronic police, automation, intelligent community, customs, electricity, water conservancy, petroleum, chemical and many other fields.

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  • 10-bit digital encoding and uncompressed video transmission;

    5Hz-10MHz video channel; automatically compatible with PAL, NTSC, SECAM video system; with APC circuit, the output optical power is constant, the dynamic range is large;

    Without downtime maintenance in the process of using, can be hot-swappable; Gigabit fiber transmission, large capacity, easy to upgrade; 

    Power and other parameters status indicator LED can monitor the operation status of the system;

    Support any high resolution video signal; support video lossless regenerative relay;

    Support RS232/RS485/RS422 or Manchester code;

    Advanced adaptive technology, does not require on-site electrical or optical adjustment;industrial modular design makes the device reliable and flexible;

    Can automatically restore the overload protection; unique full built-in power supply design;

    Desktop, wall mounted, 19 inch 1U rack or 4U card insert; support for user customization.

  • Parameter

    Optical characteristics:

    Wavelength: single mode 1310nm/1550nm multimode 850nm/1310nm

    Fiber; multimode, single mode;    Optical interface: SC/FC/ST

    Transmission power : -9dBm/-5dBm  Transmission length: 0-100km;

    Receiving sensitivity: better than -36dBm

    Features: Can be customized according to user needs for different interface types.

    Video characteristics:

    Channel16-Channel video        Video interface form: BNC

    Signal system: PAL/NTSC/SECAM;    Nominal input/output level: 1Vp-p

    Video input/output impedance: 75Ωunbalanced)

    Video input/output voltage: 1Vp-p    Video bandwidth: 8MHz

    Video sampling: 15MHz high speed sampling

    Differential gain:(10% -90% APL) DG<1% (typical)

    Differential phase:(10% -90% APL) DP<0.7o (typical)

    Video signal to noise ratio(weighted):S/N ≥ 70dB (maximum optical link loss)

    Color brightness delay difference :10ns (typical)

    Color brightness gain difference: 10% (typical);

    Note: support forward, reverse, BIDI video.

    Data characteristics:

    Data Channel1-Channel reverse data

    Interface type:  RS232/RS485/RS422/ Manchester code

    Interface signal: RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Man code / Biphase, switch signal;

    Interface featuresmeet the ITU-T V.24 standard        Connection mode:DCE 

    Code rate:0256Kbps                                    Bit Error Rate≤10-9

    Note: support forward, reverse, BIDI data.

    Audio characteristics:

    Audio channels: 1-Channel Bidirectional audio (optional)

    Each channel bandwidth: 20Hz ~ 20KHz;            Sampling frequency: 96KHz

    Quantification level: 24bit;      Input impedance (Line-in): 47KΩ / unbalanced

    Output impedance (Line-out): 10KΩ unbalanced  

    Nominal input and output level: 2Vp-p;  Total harmonic distortion: 0.1% (typical)

    Unbalanced Weighted Signal to Noise Ratio: 75dB (typical)


    Ambient temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 75 ℃;      Storage temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

    Relative humidity: 0 ~ 95% (non-Condensing);  Internal power consumption: 1.5 W;

    Size: Rack mount (485mm*255mm*50mm)    Desktop (235mm*175mm*40mm)

    Rated supply voltage: AC220V / 50Hz;   Bit error rate: ≤10-9        MTBF: ≥105 hours

  • Size: Rack mount (485mm*255mm*50mm)    Desktop (235mm*175mm*40mm)

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