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The TBC-SFU24V1FD-S20T/R series digital video optical transceiver has a full-featured all-digital video optical transmission equipment that can transmit 24-Channel high-quality (8 Bit/10 Bit) uncompressed video information and 1-Channel reverse data on one fiber at the same time, optional audio data switch volume . This product is convenient for field wiring, no need for any photoelectric adjustment; with power, optical and data loop instructions; optional two structural forms:standalone desktop installation and modular rack-mounted . This series digital optical products are mainly used for long-distance optical fiber transmission monitoring system, such as security monitoring, highways, electronic police, automation, intelligent community, customs, electricity, water, petroleum, chemical and many other fields.

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  • 8/10-bit digital encoding and uncompressed video transmission;

    Support any high-resolution video signal;

    5Hz-10MHz video channel; automatically compatible with PAL, NTSC, SECAM video system; with APC circuit, the output optical power is constant, the dynamic range is large;

    Without downtime maintenance in the process of using, can be hot-swappable; Gigabit fiber transmission, large capacity, easy to upgrade; 

    Power and other parameters status indicator LED can monitor the operation status of the system;

    Support video lossless regenerative relay;

    Advanced adaptive technology, does not require on-site electrical or optical adjustment;industrial modular design makes the device reliable and flexible;

    Can automatically restore the overload protection; unique full built-in power supply design;

  • Optical characteristics

    Optical interface

    Conventional FC (optional SC, ST)


    single mode 1310nm/1550nm multimode 850nm/1310nm


    multimode, single mode

    Transmission power


    Transmission length


    Receiving sensitivity

    better than -36dBm

    Video characteristics(V)

    Number of Video interface

    24 video (optional 2-Channel , 4-Channel , 8-Channel , 16~128-Channel forward audio or BIDI audio)

    Video interface form


    Video input/output impedance


    Video input/output voltage


    Video bandwidth


    Video sampling

    15MHz high speed sampling

    Differential gain

    (10% -90% APL) DG<1% (typical)

    Differential phase

    (10% -90% APL) DP<0.7o (typical)

     Video signal to noise ratio (weighted)

    S/N ≥ 70dB (maximum optical link loss)

    Data characteristics(D):(Optional)

    Number of Data Channel

    1-Channel reverse data(Optional forward data, bidirectional data)

    Data Interface Terminals

    Standard Industrial Terminals or RJ45

    Interface signal

    RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Man code / Biphase, switch signal;

    Interface features

    meet the ITU-T V.24 standard

    Connection mode


    Code rate


    Bit Error Rate


    Audio characteristics(A):(Optional)

    Audio channels

    1-Channel Bidirectional audio (optional forward audio ,reverse audio)

    Each channel bandwidth

    20Hz ~ 20KHz

    Sampling frequency


    Quantification level


    Input impedance (Line-in)

    47KΩ / unbalanced

    Output impedance (Line-out)

    10KΩ unbalanced

    Nominal input and output level


    Total harmonic distortion

    0.1% (typical)

    Unbalanced Weighted Signal to Noise Ratio

    75dB (typical)

    Switch interface parameters(K):(Optional)

    Number of Switch channels

     forward switch,  bidirectional switch.

    Response time

    < 0.5ms 

    Switch interface

    Optical MOS relay 350V/120mA

    Physical interface

    Standard Industrial Terminals

    Ethernet characteristics (E):(Optional)


    10/100M Adaptive


    Support IEEE802.3, IEEE802.1Q (VLAN)

    Physical Interface

     RJ45 , Auto-MDIX

    Working mode

    Full duplex / half duplex adaptive

    Telephone characteristics (p):(Optional)

    FXS phone port

    Ringing voltage


    Ringing frequency


    Second-line input impedance

    600Ω (off-hook)

    Return loss

    40 dB

    General Specifications

    Ambient temperature

     -30 ℃ ~ 75 ℃

    Storage temperature

    -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

    Relative humidity

     0 ~ 95% (non-Condensing)


    Independent rack (485mm*198mm*45mm)

    Rated supply voltage

    AC220V / 50Hz

    Bit error rate


    Internal power consumption

    1.5 W


    ≥105 hours

  • Size

    Independent rack (485mm*198mm*45mm)

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