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The TBC-SFU32V1FD-S20T/R series digital video optical transceiver has a full-featured all-digital video optical transmission equipment that can transmit 32-Channel high-quality (8 Bit/10 Bit) uncompressed video information and 1-Channel reverse data on one fiber at the same time, optional audio data switch volumetelephone . This product is convenient for field wiring, no need for any photoelectric adjustment; with power, optical and data loop instructions; optional two structural forms:standalone desktop installation and modular rack-mounted . This series digital optical products are mainly used for long-distance optical fiber transmission monitoring system, such as security monitoring, highways, electronic police, automation, intelligent community, customs, electricity, water, petroleum, chemical and many other fields.

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  • Monitoring terminal can be used standard 19 inch 1U chassis, remote using desktop or rack;

    Remote optical transceiver can be hung on the wall;

    Single-mode single-fiber transmission of video, audio / speech channel, data, switch and other signals;

    Digital uncompressed optical fiber transmission;

    Compatible with PAL, NTSC, SECAM and other standard video transmission;

    Half-duplex / full-duplex data communication;

    BIDI audio or speech;

    Audio / Telephone, Ethernet is optional card (optional interface), user-friendly selection;

    Industrial design, high reliability;

    Full surface mount technology;

    MTBF ≥ 80000 hours

  • Optical characteristics

    Optical interface

    Conventional FC (optional SC, ST)


    single mode 1310nm/1550nm multimode 850nm/1310nm


    multimode, single mode

    Transmission power


    Transmission length

    20km (basic type) (40km, 60km, 80km optional)

    Receiving sensitivity

    better than -36dBm

    Video characteristics(V)

    Number of Video interface

    32 video

    Video interface form


    Video input/output impedance


    Video input/output voltage


    Differential gain

    <1% (typical)

    Differential phase

     <1 (typical)

     Video signal to noise ratio (weighted)

    S/N ≥ 70dB (maximum optical link loss)

    Video bandwidth



    Sampling frequency


    Quantization level


    Signal System


    Color brightness delay difference


    Color brightness gain difference

    +/- 10%

    Data characteristics(D):(Optional)

    Data Interface Terminals

    Standard Industrial Terminals

    Data format

    RS-232 / RS-485 optional

    Work mode

     half duplex / full duplex optional

    Transmission rate


    Bit Error Rate


    Audio characteristics(A):(Optional)

    input/output voltage


    input/Output impedance

     600Ω, unbalanced

    Audio bandwidth

    10Hz ~ 20KHz

    Sampling frequency


    Switch interface parameters(K):(Optional)

    Physical interface

    Standard Industrial Terminals

    Input signal

    any active or passive alarm, switch signal input, support TTL, or passive switch, button

    Output signal


    any active or passive alarm, switch signal output, support for TTL, or relay contact output

    Note: the switch can only access 5V signal or passive switch, the output is used to drive an external controller, and then control the high-voltage equipment

    Telephone characteristics (p):(Optional)

    Interface Type

    Automatic (FXS), exchange (FXO)

    Sampling frequency



    A law

    Bit rate

    64Kbit / s

    Maximum loop resistance


    Effective transmission bandwidth

    300-3400HZ / 600Ω

    Idle channel noise


    Ring current voltage

    25 3Hz, 75 15V

    Net attenuation frequency

    to meet the ITU-T recommendations

    Free talk noise

    no more than -65dBm0p

    Road cross-talk

    no more than -65dBm0

    Amplitude characteristics

    Meet ITU-T recommendations

    Total distortion

    Meet ITU-T recommendations

    Power supply conditions


     Power supply range -36V ~ -72V, ripple ≤ 240mVp-p


     Power supply range 110V ~ 265V, 50Hz

    Power consumption

    The whole is less than 3W

    Environmental requirements

    working environment:

    Ambient temperature

    -10 ℃ ~ 55 ℃

    Relative humidity

    ≤ 90% (non-condensing)

    Atmospheric pressure

    86 ~ 106KPa

    Storage environment:

    Ambient temperature

    -20 ~ 80 ℃

    Relative humidity




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