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 The TBC-6240U series 2138am—Suncity—For the bettor products are designed to transmit multiple E1 services over long distances using optical fibers. The 8E1 PDH optical transceivers utilize industry-leading technologies and proprietary VLSI integrated circuits and optical transmission  products developed with dedicated digital multiplexers. This type of device supports point-to-point networking and is easy to install and maintain. With the chassis, the central office and the remote can be unified to achieve fault location quickly. As a result, the fault response speed is saved and the operation and maintenance costs are saved.

The 8E1 PDH  Multiplexer uses large-scale programmable logic devices as the core part, using the latest design technology and large scale programmable integrated circuits for PDH optical transmission system to provide 16M transmission capacity.

 The circuit part of the equipment is all-digital circuit, the whole machine is reliable, stable, low power consumption, high integration, small size, easy to install and maintain.

 Equipment to meet the needs of telecom operators and private network users, in line with telecommunications standards. Suitable for power, postal services, banking and China Unicom, mobile telecommunications and other users needs, in line with the standards used by telecom operators;

  Abundant bit expenses Offer the transmission of main channel business of E1/G.703 interface and a high-speed data passway, offer RS232 low-rate data passway, official contact passway, network management passway at the same time.

 A variety of models to choose from, to meet different needs. Suitable for point-to-point optical transmission link for the public network and private network to provide high-quality, flexible and reliable digital optical transmission circuit.

 The optical transceiver has the advantages of high integration, strong reliability, low power consumption, small size and complete functions. It can also work stably under harsh environment. Machine installation without any adjustable point, easy to use, easy to maintain;

 The internal hardware and software are modular structure. Hardware part uses a large-scale FPGA, set encoding, decoding, information insertion, alarm switching in one, the circuit becomes simple, thereby enhancing the reliability of the machine, especially for high reliability requirements of the occasion.

Such as: mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications, electricity, public security, military, highway, aviation and other specialized communications networks; high degree of integration of hardware circuits, the whole power consumption is less than 10W; provide 8 E1 ports, E1 port uses digital clock recovery circuit and Digital smooth phase-locked circuit; Has a complete centralized monitoring function and sound and light alarm function; Circuit design ingenious and concise, equipment work is stable, the failure rate is extremely low. Supply voltage can be -48VDC / 24VDC / 220VAC arbitrarily choose one; optional multi-mode, single-mode dual-fiber, single-mode single fiber.

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  • Provide 8 E1 interface;

    Provide 10/100BaseT interface;

    Ethernet interface speed 10M/100M adaptive, support VLAN protocol;

    Provide command E1 loopback function, optical path local loop function;

    All-digital clock recovery and smooth phase lock technology, high reliability and compatibility;

    Complete power supply, link and alarm indication function, the local device can monitor the current status of the remote device in real time;

    Provide 1-Channel business telephone interface, do not take up the E1 channel,can easily contact with the opposite end;

    Dual fiber bidirectional and single fiber bidirectional models are optional;

    Optical interface optional SC, FC;

    Conforms to carrier-class operation requirements, mean time between failures (MTBF) more than 100,000 hours;

    High reliability, providing 19 "rack mount,desktop,wall,at the same time with AC and DC power supply;

    Power can choose to AC 220V, DC -48V, the whole power consumption <5W; Provide SNMP network management functions;

  • Optical Interface Features

    Fiber Type

    Single Mode Fiber 8.3/125,8.7/125,9 / 125,10 / 125

    Fiber Wavelength

    1310nm/1550nm,Multi mode / single mode dual fiber,single mode single fiber (Optional)

    Fiber Interface

    FC / SC / ST optional

    Optical code speed

    8E1 PDH is 21.120Mbit / s, 8E1+100M PDH is 155Mbit / s

    Optical code pattern

    8E1 PDH is 1B1H, 21.120Mbit / s, 8E1+100M PDH is 1B2B

    Optical source


    Output optical power


    Receiver type


    Receiving sensitivity

    -38dBm (BER 10-11)

    E1 interface Features

    Interface code


    Interface code speed

    2.048Mbit / s 50ppm

    Interface Features

     ITU-T G.703

    Interface Type

     BNC, RJ45

    Interface impedance

    75Ω unbalanced / 120Ω balanced

    Transmission distance

    Multi mode


    Single mode


    Ethernet interface features

    Interface Rate

    10/100M adaptive

    Interface Protocol


    Physical interface


    RS232 Interface

    Operation mode

    19.2Kbit/s  Asynchronous serial

    Interface Type



    Power supply

    AC180~240V   DC-36V~DC-72V   DC+20V~DC+36V

    Power consumption


    Working environment

    Working temperature

    0C ~ 50C 


    5%~95% (non condensing)

    Storage temperature

    -40C ~ 70C 



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