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The TBC-CT6002 series E1 to ETH protocol converter uses E1 communication lines to provide the Internet with a data transmission channel with a bandwidth of 1.92M so that the 2 LANs can be connected to two network segments of a local area network by using a transmission device such as an optical transceiver and the same IP address can be used. Automatically learn MAC address, according to the address table to filter the data packet (this function can be closed), the TCP / IP protocol transparent.

The protocol converter takes advantage of the spare time slots in E1 to arbitrarily extract the time slots from the G703 / E1 and provides the Internet with data transmission channels with a bandwidth of N*64K (N=1~ 32);

This protocol converter can convert E1 channels of SDH, PDH, microwave, satellite and other transmission networks into 10/100BaseT data channels. It is suitable for all kinds of data communication network and realizes matching and interconnection between different network equipment interfaces, such as routers, Ethernet switches and other network interfaces, so as to effectively solve the extension problem of Ethernet IP data.

The device has a perfect self-test function and a variety of test functions, allowing users to easily and quickly integrate this device into the network. Widely used in WAN and LAN networking, monitoring and other occasions

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  • Ethernet data can be achieved in the E1 line transparent transmission and sub-slot transmission, the bandwidth range 64Kbps-2048Kbps;

    Provides three kinds of loopback function : E1 local loop, Ethernet local loop, remote loop from command to peer;

    With network management capabilities, you can monitor the work of the equipment and set the working status of the equipment;

    With Ethernet auto-negotiation capabilities to support full/half duplex mode of work, while providing cross-and Ethernet port can transmit IEEE 802.1Q provisions of the long frame;

    Support Ethernet switch with VLAN function;

    With two rows of indicator lights, remote monitoring of the remote device can be realized by the local device;

    With local data frame filtering, while providing unbalanced 75Ω and balanced 120Ω E1 interface;

    With E1 circuit detection, easy to open.

    With pseudo-random code testing capabilities for the installation and commissioning of equipment to bring great convenience;

    Support mixed plug, modular protocol converter can be inserted into the 4U rack and can be mixed with PDH optical transceiver, video optical transceiver products.

  • Ethernet Interface

    Number of interface

    1-RJ45 port

    Support frame length

    1593 bytes


    Support automatic cross network cable recognition ability;

    Support IEEE 802.3x flow control in full duplex mode;

    Support Back pressure flow control when half-duplex mode ;

    Support 802.3 (Ethernet protocol), 802.3u (Fast Ethernet protocol);

    It can transparently transmit IEEE 802.1d Spanning Tree and IEEE 802.1q VLAN packets.

    Transmission rate

    10Base-T port Transmission side: N*64Kbit / s (N = 1 ~ 32)

    E1 Interface

    Transmission mode

    Provide transparent and framed E1 two working modes

    Transparent way, bandwidth 2048Kbps

    Framing method, the bandwidth can be set N*64Kbps (N = 1 ~ 31)

    Interface Impedance

    75Ω (unbalance), 120Ω (balance)

    Number of interfaces

    Provide single E1


    Network management capabilities

    Can support network management, can manage local / remote

    Clock Mode

    Three clock modes are provided: master clock (internal clock), slave clock (E1 receive recovery clock),

    CRC check

    Support CRC4 calibration adaptive

    Time slots follow

    When framing mode is used in pairs, the time slot configuration of the local device can automatically follow the settings of the remote device

    Port loopback

    Provides local and remote loopback testing


    Support mixed insert窗體底端

    Support mixed insert

    Modular protocol converter can be inserted into 4U chassis, and can be mixed with modular transceiver and optical transceiver products.


    Power supply

    AC110~240V   DC36V~-72V  

    Power consumption


    Physical Dimension

    Internal power supply


    Working environment

    Working temperature

    0C ~ 45C 

    Working Humidity

    5%~90% (non condensing)

    Storage temperature

    -25C ~ 70C 

    Storage Humidity

    5%~90% (non condensing)

  • Physical Dimension

    Internal power supply


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