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The TBC-6816U series 16-Channel Telephone Multiplexer is a new generation of highly integrated single board PCM group multiplexing equipment based on proprietary software and thick film technology. The equipment can simultaneously transmit 16-channel  telephone interfaces through optical fiber and transmit E1 signals, Audio signals, data signals, etc. (The above interfaces are based on customer requirements flexible customization, not the standard configuration). The Telephone Multiplexer Series equipment is mainly used for transmission through the network, telephone and program-controlled switches to achieve the connection. Equipment is widely used in: Internet cafes, small and medium-sized companies, highways and temporary construction sites need to address the needs of the rapid telephone and data services, as well as the ongoing construction of the village through telephone access and so on.

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  • Industrial design, SMT process ;

    All digital optical transmission platform, with the platform multi-service flexible configuration;

    Perfect alarm output: can provide real-time business alarm, optical error detection, communication interface self-test instructions;

    High stability: the selection of advanced and reliable electronic components and optical components at home and abroad, in the ambient temperature -20 ℃ ~ +65 ℃, operating humidity 0 ~ 95% (non condensing) of the state of work;

    Easy installation, no configuration required;

  • Optical interface

    Physical interface

    FC / PC, SC / PC, ST/ PC

    Transmission wavelength

    850nm / 1310nm / 1550nm

    Transmission distance

    0~20Km (single mode fiber, standard type)

    0~60Km (single mode fiber, long distance type)

    0~120km (single-mode optical fiber, long-range type)

    0~2km (multimode optical fiber, standard type)

    Transmitter power

    better than - 8dB

    Receiver sensitivity

    better than -23dB

    Optical dynamic range


    Optical maximum chain loss allowed


    FXS phone interface

    Physical interface


    Ringing voltage


    Ringing frequency


    Second-line input impedance

    600Ω (off-hook)

    Return loss


    FXO switch interface

    Ringing voltage


    Ringing frequency


    Second-line input impedance

    600Ω (off-hook)

    Return loss


    Magnet interface

    Physical interface


    Audio impedance


    Power supply rejection ratio


    Idle noise


    2/4 line E & M audio

    Physical interface


    A D Gain


    D A gain


    2/4 line input impedance


    Return loss

    20 dB

    Data interface

    Physical Interface

    Standard Industrial Crimp Terminal (Phoenix Terminal)

    Data direction

    reverse or bidirectional RS232 / 485

    Data bandwidth




    Bit error rate



    Physical interface


    Ethernet protocol

    Comply with IEEE802.310 / 100Base-T

    Network Interface Rate

    10 / 100M adaptive

    Network transmission rate


    Working conditions

    Operating temperature

    -20 ℃ ~ +65 ℃

    Working humidity

    0 ~ 95% (no condensation)

    Power consumption

    10-50W @ DC 24V / -48V or AC: 220V

    Non-corrosive and solvent gases, no dust, no strong magnetic interference

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