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The POE Powered Switch supports the IEEE802.3af/at power over Ethernet standard with a power distance of 100 meters and only powers 802.3af/at terminal devices, so there is no need to worry about compromising proprietary standards for POE or non-POE devices. In addition, the POE device stops supplying power when it is not connected. These devices, which are far from the power outlet, are suitable for hanging on the wall or on the ceiling, and the POE eliminates the need to connect the power outlets for these devices, making the connection to equipment that is difficult to connect to AC power more flexible and with minimal installation costs. This series POE Powered switches are ideal selection for small business networks that want to use the economic deployment of wireless access points (AP) and IP-based network surveillance cameras .

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    • 1~4 ports support standard IEEE802.3af/at power supply;

    • 5* 10/100Mbps adaptive RJ45 ports;

    • Flow control mode: Full-duplex adopts IEEE 802.3x standard and half-duplex adopts Back pressure standard;

    • Support port auto-flip (Auto MDI/MDIX);

    • Maximum POE power: 65W/120W (all POE ports, ports 1 to 4 ports);

    • Up to 15.4W/30W per port;

    • Small and exquisite appearance design, fanless design, natural heat dissipation.

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        Power Supply     External Power Supply
        Voltage range     DC48V-57V

    Network Information

        Network Ports    1-4 Downlink:10/100Mbps
     UPLINK :10/100Mbps
        Transmission distance   1-4 Downlink:0-100m
     UPLINK :0-100m
        Transmission medium    Cat5 and above Unshielded twisted pair
        Network Standard     IEEE 802.3/802.3u, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.1p, IEEE 802.3az
        Switching Capacity   1Gbps
        Packet Forwarding Rate  0.744Mpps
        MAC Table    2K

    POE Information

        POE Standard    IEEE 802.3af/at

        POE Type     End-Span(1/2+,3/6-)
        POE port Features   15.4/30W output power, 65/120W total power

    LED Status Indicator

        Power     Red light indicates that power normal work;
        Network indicator     Green light indicates that Link/act is working normally;
        POE indicator     Flashes Yellow indicates that POE is working normally;

    Operating Environment

        Operating Temperature  0℃~55℃
        Storage temperature -20℃~70℃
        Humidity  20~95% (non-condensing)
        Dimension (LWH) 132*65*32mm
        Material  Sheet metal
        Color  Black
        Weight    205g

  • Dimension (LWH)     132*65*32mm

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